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Third Party Certification Program

Currently, only these participating states license Residential Care/Assisted Living (RCAL) administrators. For those individuals looking to become certified in either RCAL or Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) administration, NAB offers an option through the third party certification program. This was established as an approval process for organizations sponsoring certification programs (certification bodies) for RCAL and/or HCBS leaders who wish to utilize NAB’s national examination programs as a requirement for certification. Below are the current programs offered. This list will be updated as new programs are added.

Third Party Program Providers

Thank you for your interest in NAB's Third Party Certification Program. Please note Eligibility for application and approval is limited to non-profit national or state membership organizations representing providers and/or professionals in the field of long term care supports and services. Applicants must meet programmatic educational requirements in alignment with the NAB’s professional domains of practice.

Forms and Important Documents