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Health Services Executive (HSE™) Qualification

The Health Services Executive (HSE™) qualification is a broad-based credential that allows our most talented administrators to practice along the senior living and health services continuum while enjoying portability of their license(s). State boards from across the United State still retain licensing responsibilities under the HSE™ model. While this qualification does not replace an NHA license*, it does offer another pathway to obtain the state-issued NHA license.

NAB offers two distinct qualifying pathways: The Career Pathway and The Education Pathway. Please choose one of the pathways to review the qualifications needed to apply for the Health Service Executive (HSE™).

*There are a few states that allow professionals to become a licensed Health Services Executive (LHSE). With these states, the LHSE may be obtained in lieu of the NHA license for those qualified individuals.

Start Your HSE™ Journey Today!

begin the HSE™ application you will need to create a NAB member account** prior to accessing the NABVerify system.

Applications can only be submitted once all information has been completed by the applicant. Items such as transcripts, test scores, etc. will be loaded after the application has been submitted. Please download the Health Services Executive Application Handbook for more information on applying for the HSE™.

Questions? Concerns? We’re here and happy to help! For more information on the HSE™, please read our brochure or email

**You do not need to have a paid membership in NAB to submit an HSE™ application.

HSE™ News & Updates

Did you know that NAB maintains a public directory of HSE™ Qualified Administrators? The directory can sort by individual name, city, and/or state. In order to view all qualified HSEs™, please click on the "View Directory" button below. NAB congratulates all qualified Health Service Executives!

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