HSE Discounts Available

HSE Discounts Available

Are You A Recent Graduate of one of NAB's HSE™Accredited Universities?

Don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of the new graduate HSE™ exam discounts on the Residential Care/Assisted Living (RCAL) and the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) exam(s). In order to take advantage of this opportunity, HSE™ applications must be submitted no later than 6 months after your graduation date.**

 Once your HSE™ application has been approved, the following exam discount options are available:

  • If an applicant has passed the Nursing Home Administration (NHA), but not taken either the RCAL or HCBS Line of Service (LOS) exams, they may register for BOTH exams at the discounted price of $250.
  • If an applicant has passed the NHA and the RCAL or HCBS exam, but has not taken the final LOS exam, they may register for a single LOS exam for $150.

 In order to take advantage of the exam discounts, the following stipulations apply:

  • Graduates are able to qualify for the exam discount once an HSE™ application is submitted. NAB’s Credentialing Commission MUST approve a candidate’s HSE™ application prior to the submission of an exam application for either the RCAL and/or the HCBS exam(s) in order to be eligible for one of the discount models listed above. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN if exam(s) are registered for at full price prior to HSE™ application submission.
  • Exams must be registered for within six (6) months of the date of graduation date. Once application is approved, applicants have a maximum of 60 days to take the exam. 
  • The above discounts only apply to those recent graduates who are applying through the Education Pathway.**
  • Administrators may only use either the exam bundle or the line of service discount ONCE to take the exam(s). Should a retake be needed, NAB’s regular exam pricing would be charged.

** Upon a school’s initial accreditation, individuals who have graduated within the past three (3) years’ and apply for the HSE through the Education Pathway will be eligible for the discounts for a limited time of six (6) months. Any alumni of the newly accredited university who would qualify under the Career Pathway are not eligible to take advantage of the discount.

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