Seeking Licensure

Exam Study Material

Please use the below resources to learn more about the NAB exams:

NAB Exam Candidate Handbook

This handbook outlines the modular exam structure, exam fees, content represented within the exam, and much more. Please read the candidate handbook first for any questions about the application system and the exam structure. 

Recommended Exam References

NAB provides comprehensive reference lists for the Core of Knowledge as well as all three line of service exams. All exam questions are referenced to a minimum of one reference listed in these documents. As each exam candidate's is unique, NAB is not able to recommend one, specific reference as all resources are used in exam development.

Test Score Interpretation

Do you have questions regarding interpreting your exam scores? Using an example score report, this comprehensive test score interpretation document will assist in truly understanding your test score

Study Guide & Practice Exams

The NAB study guide is available for a one year online subscription, covering all national exams. 

Practice exams are available to simulate the exam experience. Forms for all Lines of Service and the CORE exam are available for purchase.