Licensed Professional

NAB Approved CE Database

The NAB Approved CE Database is where you will find a list of courses which have been approved by NAB/ NCERS and are accepted by most state nursing home administrator licensing boards. 

Courses that have a site start and end date in the past 3 years are available in the database for state jurisdictions to confirm that a course was NAB/ NCERS approved.

How to Search for a Program

  • Enter keywords in the Search box, or
  • Select criteria from the left-hand side of the database including:
    • CE Provider
    • Program type
        • In person: course where the speaker and attendees are in the same room.
        • Distance learning: any course where the presenter and attendees are not in the same room. Includes Live Webinars.
    • Media, which include:
        • Live Webinar/ Teleconference Program: live and have a set date/time. Attendees must be present within a phone conference or a webinar setting.
        • Web Based/ Pre-Recorded Program: prerecorded archived webinars of live event.
        • Digital Material: audio video or multimedia productions. Any other media, other than a webinar, that are considered Self-Study, or programs an individual would complete on their own. No direct supervision or classroom attendance.
        • Printed Material: any printed material, book studies.
    • City or State: needed for in person courses only.
    • Site Start Date: For in person it is the date the course starts. Distance learning courses are typically available for a year. Please select a site start date in the last 12 months to find distance learning courses which have not expired. 

How to Register for a Course

Please contact the course provider to register for a course. Click on the course title or More Details to reveal the course description. The CE Provider's contact information will be near the top. Some CE Providers have also included a Registration Web Link, which can be found near the bottom of the course description.

A Note About Course Availability Dates

NAB’s online CE database contains expired courses which state licensing boards need to verify information. To ensure that you find current courses which are available, please make note of the following:

  • To find current in person courses, please scroll to the bottom of the database and select a Site Start Date in the future. This will only show in person courses which start during that month/ year.
  • To find current distance learning courses, please scroll to the bottom of the database and select a Site Start Date in the past 12 months. Distance learning courses, except live webinars, are good for one year. Selecting a program will a site start date in the last year will mean the course is most likely available.