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Membership is open to Long Term Care State Boards and Regulatory Agencies, individuals and organizations who support NAB's mission of public protection. Membership entitles you to access to our member resources, participation on NAB Committees and Task Forces, as well as discounted registration to NAB’s Annual and Mid-Year Meetings.

Governing Members

The boards of examiners and/or licensing authorities of a state, commonwealth, territories of the United States of America and the District of Columbia charged with the examining, licensing and/or registration of long term care administrators shall be eligible for governing membership in the association.

For information on becoming a Governing Member of the NAB please contact the NAB office at 202-712-9040 or by email to nab@nabweb.org.

Annual Member Dues are $1,500.

Associate Members

Associate Membership is available to former state board members and individuals who were formerly eligible for Governing Membership. Associate Members are eligible to hold office, serve on committees and to chair committees.

They are ineligible to serve on the Board of Governors and to vote.

Annual Member Dues are $70.

Subscribing Members

Subscribing Membership is available to representatives or members of a faculty holding academic rank of university, colleges or schools that offer an academic course approved by any state board or agency charged with licensing and/or registering NHAs as well as representatives or staff members of any business or professional organization engaged in activities which relate to the objectives of NAB.

Subscribing Members are eligible to serve on all committees except the Examination Committees, but are ineligible to vote, serve on Board of Governors or to hold office.

Annual Member Dues are $70.