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The NAB furthers its mission and accomplishes its goal’s through a variety of programs and services.


NAB develops and administers the licensing examinations that administrators take to get licensed by their respective states. Our team of exam item-writers works diligently to craft questions that cover all domains of practice within long term care administration. There are five exams offered:

The Core of Knowledge exam measures the entry-level knowledge that apply to all lines of long term care. The 100-item exam is a mandatory component for all aspiring administrators, and it is taken in conjunction with one of the three line of service exams. The Core exam was initiated in 2017; all currently licensed NHAs are exempt from having to retake the Core exam.

The NAB NHA exam program is a 50-item entry-level examination that measures the entry-level knowledge of nursing home administrators. The NHA examination is required as a component of the licensure requirements in all states and the District of Columbia.

The NAB RC/AL exam program is an entry-level examination that measures the entry-level knowledge of residential care/assisted living administrators. The RC/AL examination is required as a component of the licensure requirements in several states. Additional states sponsor and encourage voluntary participation in the RC/AL exam program.

The NAB HCBS exam, which was initiated in 2017, measures the entry-level knowledge of administration for home- and community-based care environments. The HCBS examination is required as a component of the Health Services Executive (HSE) qualification.

This program was established to assist state regulatory boards and agencies in the administration of their state specific jurisprudence examinations. Participating state examinations are administered through more than 200 testing centers nationally, allowing exam candidates the ability to schedule examinations to fit their schedules and to take the national exam at the same time (please check with your state board if it allows same-day state exam testing).

National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS)

NCERS, NAB’s continuing education review service, reviews and approves thousands of continuing education programs offered by hundreds of providers across the country. All states require continuing education as a requirement to maintain an active administrator license. The NCERS seal of approval is automatically accepted as meeting standards for continuing education. NCERS also offers a searchable real-time database of approved programs as a resource to administrators and as a marketing tool for continuing education providers. NCERS reviews continuing education programs for both nursing home administration and assisted living administration. 

Academic Accreditation Program

The NAB Academic Accreditation Program establishes criteria for undergraduate and graduate degree programs in long term care administration. College and university programs granted academic accreditation benefit from the NAB seal of approval which is widely recognized by state boards and agencies. Graduates of NAB-accredited programs are recognized by potential employers and licensing bodies as having met rigorous standards based on the NAB core competencies. As of 2018, all new applicants for NAB academic accreditation must teach towards the standards of the HSE; all currently accredited schools must adjust their programs' curricula to teach for the HSE by December 31, 2021.

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NAB is the nation’s leading authority on licensing, credentialing, and regulating administrators of organizations along the continuum of long term care.

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